LOVE Demonstrates

Rom. 5:8  But God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

How do we demonstrate our love for those who have offended us?

Most of us generally wait until the offending party repents and apologizes. Then we demonstrate our love for them.

God’s love was demonstrated long before I ever thought about being sorry, apologizing, or repenting.

How great a love is that?!?

Can we demonstrate love to those who offend us? to those who do us harm? to those who do us dirty?

HOW can we demonstrate love to those types of people in our lives?

4 thoughts on “LOVE Demonstrates

  1. I know we are supposed to forgive that person. But, I have to admit it is easier said than done. I’m still working on this one…it is a hard one for me. This is an even harder question for me to answer…How long do you stay in a relationship with someone (say a work relationship) when you are treated this way? I know Jesus says to forgive seven times seventy (or something like that). In other words, every time. But how long before your spirit is so hurt you can not take it anymore? I know the answer, to allow Jesus to heal us. But, I have a feeling I’m not the only one who struggles with this.


  2. No I do not. Yes, I believe it can. I can choose to leave a situation and deal with the hurt, but choose to love that person through Jesus. One way to demonstrate that is to not repeat what has happened in the relationship to others. “Love covers” And to release it to God and forgive through faith.

    Although, I have found it fascinating that Jesus chose to stay in a friendship with Judas even knowing what he was going to do. Jesus was so focused on God’s will all else was secondary. I can only dream of having that kind of focus.


  3. Question: How do we demonstrate our love for those who have offended us?

    There are several things I do in these situations, but one that has helped me the most has been for me to pray for good things to happen to those who hurt or have mistreated me. Because I myself have such an ugly heart I always preface these prayers with a little talk with Jesus. It goes something like this, though it varies in length and words: “Lord, you know my heart and how much I really wish you would screw this guy or make him disappear from the face of the earth or some other way get even with him for hurting me as he has or for doing what he has done to me. However……..I know you want me to love and forgive him, so I am going to offer a prayer for him that I wish I really meant from my heart. And I ask you to help me really mean it.”

    Then I pray for him in the following manner: “Lord, he seems to be going through a really tough time right now. I ask you to bless him and keep him in your care. And to bring something nice to him today and to ease some of the tension and heartache in his life so that he can have a better life. It would be good if he saw the good came from you, but even if he doesn’t, I still ask you to bless him abundantly today.”

    Please note: these are not prayers for his “seeing the light or truth” or for him to change his heart, or for him to “grow in his knowledge of the Lord.” Rather they are prayers that God would specifically bless that person that day, or that He would specifically bring joy into his life, or that He would grant him something he was either in true need of or was longing for. In other words, substantive, concrete things that would bless the offender. It’s amazing how much healing can come through prayers of this nature.

    I know the other more “spiritual” prayers are also more important, but I always sense a real spirit of self-righteousness in myself when I pray that God will change others to be the way I think they should be. And my righteousness is as filthy rags to God. Isaiah 64:6. Truly.


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