Cardboard Testimonies

You must check this out!

This is one of the most powerful testimony services EVER!!

Get out your kleenex before turning it on.

Click on the video below to begin playing:

11 thoughts on “Cardboard Testimonies

  1. Yes. this IS very powerful. its extremely sobering…and convicting at the same time. for two reasons…we just dont realize what our neighbor is going through and secondly – it makes me dig in and get real honest about my own baggage.

    goose bumps all over!


  2. Dale, thanks for sharing your blog etc. Were the “Cardboard Testimonies” done at your church? It was very effective and a clever way to have a whole lot of people participate in sharing. Captivating; I think it was more powerful than speaking would have been…


  3. Our teens used this at camp this summer and made a huge impact on those they were witnessing to. I thank God for this idea.


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  5. PRACTICAL biblical teachings?

    does the bible teach about customer service.
    does the bible teach about skills? it talks about it but it does not teach it
    does the bible teach about relationship?

    how? the bible does not say it. and your article is the same


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