The disciples asked Jesus, “Who, then, can be saved?” (Matt. 19:25)

This is a question that has generated much debate over the centuries since then.

That debate has settled into three different schools of theology, each giving their answer to the question.

A GRACE PRIMER will help you to know which school of thought you most identify with.

In this little book, you will learn—

  • How each school of theology determines its stance
  • Some history of the debate
  • Different famous teachers of the answer
  • More than 60 different scriptures that answer the question
  • And much more…
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What Others Have Said—

“Exquisite writing and delightful to read.
I really enjoy books that bring out the thinker in me. This is one of those books and it presents the reader with valuable knowledge for understanding the Bible.”—Meri S

“This book can help you find the Good News. It is a short book, but, not a quick read. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading it more than once, or, perhaps going back to recheck your understanding of a paragraph here and there. Well worth the time you will spend reading and thinking.”—Beth Berry

“Now you can experience Dale’s clear and easy way of writing that explains the scriptures whether you are in a preaching or teaching ministry, or simply want to have a deeper understanding of ‘what do the scriptures really mean.’ If this is you, then his book, A Grace Primer (Grace for the whole person, head, heart, and hand), will be a book you will use for years.”—Dr. Cecil Cockerham, Co-founder Global Grace Seminary

“I’ve got your book on kindle and love it. It’s an excellent help with scripture to use for explaining grace to anyone interested.”—J. Kargaard

You can join these and others who have had their thinking sharpened.

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