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I awoke this morning in awe at how the Lord is changing things in my heart.

A few decades ago, I had to ask the Lord for compassion. If He wanted me to be a pastor, then there was no way I could function with the hardness of heart I exhibited toward people. I operated from the standpoint of, “You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it.”

It broke my heart that my heart was in such condition.

Over the years that followed, I have seen the Lord’s work of grace in my heart, as compassion has been developed. It is not something that I have done, but a work of grace within me.

This past decade, He has been teaching me the difference between human and divine compassion–a lesson not easily learned. (I’ll not discuss the distinctions of each here. Maybe later.)

I’ve grown to have compassion on those whom I love, and those with whom I am related in business or socially.

But, this morning, I awoke with a burden on my heart for those I only know through the blogosphere. I’ve never met them. I do not know the sound of their voice.

I only know that they are hurting–and I was hurt by their pain.

For that I am grateful.

One is caught in the aftermath of an ice storm and has no power.

One has had his income severely curtailed and has to relocate.

One has a new job that changes the way things were done at home, and mutual support is now challenging.

One is dealing with marital betrayal.

One is dealing with a son who is having tremendous difficulty.

I awoke praying intensely for each of these–my friends whom I have never met–in a way that I’ve never prayed even for those oft-repeated ‘prayer requests’ for sickness and pain within the local assembly.

It is a new day for me. And I am thankful for the new work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

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“Dense” (Blogged Bible Study)–John 16

Jn 16:18
They said therefore, What is this that he saith, A little while? we cannot tell what he saith.    KJV


That is the only way to describe the ones whom Jesus chose.

It is evident in the different gospel accounts that the Master reached a frustration point with these guys more than once. This was not one of those times, however.

He knew He was at the end of His time with them, and that they had come as far as He was going to take them in His earthly ministry. His compassion for their thick-headedness was stirred as He promised to supply them with the help they would need.

Thank God we have been given the help we need.

I, too, am like one of those disciples. Oftentimes, I cannot tell what he saith.

I find myself in a certain situation, and I wonder, “What is this about?” I cannot tell what he saith.

I find myself reading a passage of the Bible, and I wonder, “What is this about?” I cannot tell what he saith.

I’m sure there are times when the Lord has reached a frustration point with me and said, “How long shall I be with you?” (Matt. 17:17)

Thankfully, His compassion is greater than His frustration; and I am once again shown how human I’ve been.

Yes, I can be quite dense at times. But the Comforter who has been sent, guides me (ever again) into the truth of who I am in Him. Then, I am able to see His great love and patience.

With what He does for me, why am I so slow to offer the same to others?

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