What can we learn about “agape”/unconditional love from a non-Christian?

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Dear Whomever Reads This,

i write this because it keeps going through my mind.  i have learned to listen to my inner voice… the one that is often times more quiet than the cacophony around me.  Sometimes, it is the voice in my mind below even the chatter and cacophony of the surface there.

i just want you to know that i love you.

As simple, silly, fluffy, “New Age” and B.S. as this might sound.  i am committed to living my life as a journey, expression, honor, and experiment of what it means to live my life fully as love in action.  Often times, i find myself filled with disgust, rage, frustration, apathy, and deep and profound hurt and grief.  i fall very, very far short of my commitment.  i am a human being who has deep and intense emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and values.  i do not…

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  1. I don’t think this is about unconditional love, but a quest for unconditional acceptance that the author seems to strive for. She confuses the topics. Unconditional love is when one accepts others “good and bad.” This author seems to really want us to accept her good and bad unconditionally. It’s the main topic of her writing generally. This is usually the main concern of politicians, religious leaders and cult leaders. When one tests the notion by pointing out their hypocrisy, they usually bristle and their followers circle the wagons to defend them unconditionally, not unlike cult behavior
    I’ve tried that with this author and there was no sign of unconditional love or unconditional acceptance for even the slightest critique of her behavior.


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