Bible Study Lesson 3

We are learning how to use the Blue Letter Bible, an online, interactive, and very powerful study tool. If you are just joining us, place the link in your favorites or on your desktop. And welcome to the study. You may want to subscribe to this blog in order to keep up with the lessons. You may do so by signing up with the FeedBlitz on the right-hand side of the blog. However, all lessons will be archived under the category titled Bible Study Methods. You can go there at any time and get a lesson to review or to catch up.

Open your BLB to the home page. Find the Search box labeled New Bible Search.

Notice just above the box (help) (abbreviations) (drop list). Each of those are “hot-linked” and give a drop down list that you can use for the books of the Bible. 

Click on the (drop list ), which will change the window you are viewing. You now have four boxes labeled from left to right “Book” “Chapter” “Verse” “Version”.

Use the drop down arrow under Book to locate Philippians. Enter a 4 in the “Chapter” box and 13 in the “Verse” box. Make sure you have your version of choice set, and click the Search button.

When the verse pops up at the top of your screen, you will notice six buttons to the left of the verse. Five of them are “hot” and one is not.

Each of those buttons brings up a different tool or set of tools to use with that verse.

Click on the “V” button. A window opens underneath the verse with all the available translations of that particular verse. Each version has its own box with its copyright information available.

Knowing how others have translated a particular verse helps to gain understanding of the nuances of meaning that may be appropriate from the original language.

You can close the versions window by clicking on the red ‘x’ at the top of the drop down window just below the verse we are looking at.

That’s it for today’s lesson. Be sure to explore as much as you want with this incredible study tool. There is more to learn than we will possibly be able to cover in these few short lessons.

In the next lesson, we will begin to uncover the power of this tool for its use in word studies.

NOTE: As we progress, you may have a question about something that we have covered. Be sure to use the comments section for all comments and questions. Also, read the comments section, because someone may ask or say something that will benefit you as you go through this study. Thanks

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