Big Wheels

It has been a really weird week since last Thursday. I’ve been spinning my wheels, accomplishing little it seems.

Blessed are they who go round in circles for they shall be called big wheels.

Pellet stove broke. Repaired pellet stove. Took all day, because my tools are still in a rented storage unit away from the house. Pellet stove broke again the next day. Pellet stove is still broken. Needs parts that may arrive before Spring.

Got writing I want to do. Blank pages stay blank. Like my mind.

Wife’s birthday in the midst of all this was a highlight. I dragged it out all day. Sang to her. Gave her a card later. After she went to bed, woke her up to give her the present I had gotten the day before. She was so excited, it brought tears to my eyes. I had never had a woman get so excited about something I did for her. That was a real treat. She knows how to respond to my little attempts to show my love.

A friend asked for my support in a custody battle. Took all day. Listened to grieving testimony that could make your skin crawl. Not fun. Supporting my friend took away all necessity of fun.

So, I finally get to the computer to try to write, and this is all I can come up with.

Go figure.

Gracie’s Quest

When I first began this blog, I had Gracie sign on as an author. I knew that she had things to say that would be a blessing to the Body of Christ.

Her first article, “Learning to Speak the Word” is still the most viewed post on this blog. It is read by someone almost everyday, according to my stats page.

When we share in the mornings after our individual time in  the Word, her insights into a passage are always an inspiration to me. I just don’t see the way she sees. I love hearing what she gets from the Lord.

She often sees what is not written, and that helps my understanding of a particular passage, adding color for this otherwise “Dr. Dry-As-Dust” teacher.

However, her contributions were too few and far between.

As she has been going through her healing from a traumatic past, I have encouraged her to write publicly about her process, with no success. Then the Noreaster put out a call for Storm Stories. I pressured Gracie to join in, and, thankfully she gave in.

Writing her story gave her the impetus to write even more.

I had hinted more than once that she should have her own blog so that she could post at any time the mood struck. (I didn’t like her being under my shadow. She has her own light that needs to shine for all to see.)

I must be getting better at being an encourager, because she has given in to this request also. (Might be ’cause she loves me 🙂 )

Gracie has started her own blog called Gracie’s Quest.

I look forward to how the Lord will use this new addition to the blogosphere.

Our virtual community is growing.

Give her a visit and share the love.