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2010 Census–Pt. 1

I worked for the U.S. Census for the 2010 census.

The Constitution mandates the taking of the census every 10 years for the purpose of allocating the correct number of representatives in the House for each state in the union. The census has been taken every 10 years since 1790.

Other uses for the census are the allocation of various federal monies, and the demographic information gained and published which businesses and researchers use.

This was probably not the first time that such an uproar was made by the populace, but this was certainly a notable one. I was living in California for the 2000 census, and remember people talking negatively about the long form that was used then. I was in a part of the country where most of the people simply discarded their forms, and then dared a government worker to come onto their property.

Because I was an employee of the Census Bureau for 2010, I was more aware of some things that were going on both within the Census and among the population.

There were a lot of stories circulating about various things–some true, some not so true, and some outright lies. I observed a strange (to me) side of humanity. I saw some things that made me wonder if there is any hope for our country to survive the downward spiral we find ourselves in. And I worked with some men and women that I am now proud to know.

I’m not sure that President Obama orchestrated the 2010 census, but I am fairly confident that the trickle-down effect of his policies had something to do with much of the inanity and insanity that I was a part of.

Finally, by reason of conscience, I was forced to resign my position.

What follows in a few days is a few articles highlighting some of the things that occurred during my stay with the U.S. Census Bureau.