Virtual Reality

Went south a few miles yesterday to meet Scott and Darla Frantz and Deb (somethingorother). We had a great time of fellowship and getting to know one another (and being picked on by Deb).

These are people I have only known through their blogs and their comments on other posts.

Yesterday we were able to turn “virtual” into “reality.”

It is great to be able to meet other members of the Body of Christ from other parts of the country–especially when I find out that they are being led the same way I am. (something about “confirmation” I like)

Scott is the grillmeister–steaks done to perfection. Darla is the perfect host–avoiding any social faux pas by just being herself. (nothing fancy and no airs) Their children, Lacey (sp?), Derek, and Katrina were able to join in on adult conversation as well as do “kid things.”

The air in that part of Mt. Joy, PA is filled with the love of God and we were refreshed.

And, (all seriousness aside) Deb is a refreshing person to be around.

Big Wheels

It has been a really weird week since last Thursday. I’ve been spinning my wheels, accomplishing little it seems.

Blessed are they who go round in circles for they shall be called big wheels.

Pellet stove broke. Repaired pellet stove. Took all day, because my tools are still in a rented storage unit away from the house. Pellet stove broke again the next day. Pellet stove is still broken. Needs parts that may arrive before Spring.

Got writing I want to do. Blank pages stay blank. Like my mind.

Wife’s birthday in the midst of all this was a highlight. I dragged it out all day. Sang to her. Gave her a card later. After she went to bed, woke her up to give her the present I had gotten the day before. She was so excited, it brought tears to my eyes. I had never had a woman get so excited about something I did for her. That was a real treat. She knows how to respond to my little attempts to show my love.

A friend asked for my support in a custody battle. Took all day. Listened to grieving testimony that could make your skin crawl. Not fun. Supporting my friend took away all necessity of fun.

So, I finally get to the computer to try to write, and this is all I can come up with.

Go figure.