Local bar serves up scripture with suds

The headline above was taken from a front-page newspaper story in our community. The following is quoted directly from the first two paragraphs of the article:

It was a pretty common sight — the Bible setting (sic) open on a counter, waiting for someone with a thirst for religious knowledge to graze its pages. What wasn’t common was the freshly-poured glass of beer nearby; the many glass bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages in the room. It was weekly Bible study night at a seemingly unlikely place — Janie’s Cafe, a bar in Shamokin.

“I believe if Jesus were walking on the face of the earth as you and I are today this is the type of place he’d come to,” said Jane Stanchick-Garancheski, owner of Janie’s. She added that a bar is a place where trouble is likely to brew, a place where His presence is needed.

What do you think? Should something like this be stopped?

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