Dale has been teaching the Bible for more than 50 years. His love for the scriptures is evident everytime you hear him speak.

He has been involved in a variety of ministries including founding pastor, associate pastor, sunday school teacher and superintendent, traveling evangelist, Bible school teacher, and Christian school teacher.

He is married to the love of his life, Gracie. Together they have four grown children and five grandchildren. They currently reside in SW Missouri where Dale is pastor of the Stockton Presbyterian Church.

He has had the honor of preaching in many denominational churches such as Catholic, Episcopalian, Nazarene, Methodist, Baptist, Assembly of God as well as many independent churches across the United States.

He is currently helping with the training of young pastors in Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan and India.

What People Say

Dale is so succinct and to the point in his teaching. I never fail to learn something when I listen to him.

John D., CA

Dale is a seasoned veteran of the Scriptures and church life. He has an understanding of the three main steams of salvation—Arminian, Calvinist, and Universalist. He can clarify “knotty points of interest” because of his understanding of the origianal languages.

Dr. C. Cockerham

It struck me, as I listened to your teaching that you love the people and are very gentle with them, while maintaining truth. I may be completely wrong about this, as Elijah was, ( thinking he was the only one left), but you may be one of a small number of pastors that truly have the good of others in your heart. It is encouraging. Thanks.

B. Harford, AZ

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