MIGHT I have discovered something in my study of the Bible that has turned my understanding upside down!

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2 thoughts on “THE POWER OF MIGHT

  1. Hi. I’m assuming this is NOT going to post under the comments, as I wanted to share my heart privately here. I appreciate very much what you shared with in this blog (The Power of Might), but do want to add a different perspective. I’m sure the subjunctive followed by the definite is valid and am not questioning that. But….. You have to throw out a lot of other scripture to come up with, in essence, Ultimate Reconciliation. The “might be saved” can be just as true when seen as the METHOD in which is happens. THE Method — definitive. We once bought a “new” car so that mom “might” be able to get to work. Not that “maybe” but that this was the method she would have to travel in. In like manner, when we are saved, it is through His Son — His blood on the cross, His coming to earth to show us how to live — this was the METHOD God chose to use for redemption. I, too, looked up the word “might” and saw it associated with the phrase, “might be saved.” However, in doing so I do not see a contradiction with what I’m sharing here at all.

    Another way to look at Matt 8:17 where Jesus quotes Isaiah about healing our infirmities — that is the METHOD those infirmities are healed WHEN THEY ARE HEALED. We both know healing by no means happens every time we pray for it. But when it does, it is done as the scripture says.

    I always hate to challenge things, especially when I, or Jan, or anyone else I love has one of those aha moments, but sometimes we do need to sit back and let it really sink in, especially when scripture is involved. You “might” (no pun intended here, 😉 ) disagree with my thoughts here. It’s obviously between you and God. But I could not keep silent in encouraging you to reconsider your conclusions.

    In Him…… Charlotte



    1. Thanks, Charlotte for your thoughtful and encouraging response.
      At first, for me, I also thought I had to “throw out” a bunch of scripture, and that I was being deceived. The more I have studied, the more I have realized that I did not have a true understanding of the Father’s nature. Consequently, I am having to readjust my (mis)understanding of some things.
      For me, there is no getting around the reality of the aorist subjunctive followed by a purpose clause. It is confirmed by every Greek grammar I could find. The preponderance of verses where it is obvious renders the possibility of the few verses where it isn’t as being something else just does not make sense.
      Thanks for taking time to read, think, and comment.
      Peace, blessings and love to you and yours.


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