There is a meme making its rounds on Facebook that says— “Stop being impressed by people who can quote Scripture… Be impressed by those that live Scripture.”

It certainly sounds nice, and each posting garners numerous “likes” and comments of “Amen.”

However, this is just another of those things designed to help us feel good about ourselves while the Pied Piper keeps us dancing in our delusional trance.

Let me be clear at the outset—there is nothing inherently wrong with being able to quote Scripture. That is not the point. However, this type of abbreviated thought has the potential of leading the easily impressed to think otherwise.

To whom is this statement addressed? Obviously, it is addressed to those who are easily influenced by outward show. These are the types who are also easy prey for the intentional deceivers in our midst.

Whether intentional or not, the deception that occurs is real and dangerous.

Jesus, in His few short years of ministry, managed to give us a few clues as to how to avoid being deceived by something like this—

In Luke 16:15, He said, “For what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God.”
He also said, “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” [Jhn 7:24 ESV]

Of course, that is the idea of the meme’s statement—do not judge by appearances.

Let us consider, though, the logic implied by the full statement.

There is a tacit assumption that the ones spoken to have the ability to see, or recognize those who live out the Scriptures.


The supposition here is that those so impressed know their Bible so well that they can tell who is living what they speak.

If that were true, then the first part of the statement is unnecessary, for those types would not be impressed by the mere quoting of the Bible.

And so the dance goes on, feverishly posting and re-posting the warm fuzzies of futility, feigning a fury for the few whom we might pluck from the fires of fakery.

One thought on “AND SO WE DANCE

  1. The irony is that the ones believing this statement are themselves judging by appearance — they are judging by what APPEARS to be someone doing actions they approve of. But………… the observer cannot see the heart of the DOER and therein too often lies the deception. So the Doer gets the accolades, even though he very well might be “doing” strictly for selfish and self-serving reasons — reasons that many times actually cause harm. And as you say, “so the dance goes on.”


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