The REST of the Story


REST: 1–that which remains; 2–quiet repose for the restoration of the body

I write this on Christmas Day, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
We say that Jesus came into the world to save sinners.
Saved from what? For what?
We say that Jesus died to save sinners.
Saved from what? For what?
Sadly, for most Christians, their story begins with Hell and ends with Heaven with nothing in between. They are saved from Hell and get to go to Heaven.
Is that all there is?


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Author: Dale Hill

Dale Hill began teaching from the Bible and ministering to God's people more than 50 years ago. From the beginning his focus was on Peter's question, "How should we then live?" (2 Peter 3:11) Now, the richness of a life devoted to serving God and His people is being made available in print form so that many more believers will be able to benefit from Dale's ministry.

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