Practical Bible Teaching is MOVING

I am moving my long-standing blog from WordPress to Weebly. I have enjoyed my relationship with WordPress, but am moving all my different internet presences to the Weebly platform. WP does not allow for audio or video uploads without significant cost to do so. Weebly allows this option for free (though I have purchased the upgrade to better suit my purposes for my other blogs and websites).
WP has many nice features, some of which I will probably miss by making this transition. But, I feel the need to have audio/video capabilities–even though I do not have anything in that format at present. I guess I should say I want the option available if I need it.
So, for the time being, I will post my Practical Bible Teaching thoughts on both blog platforms. I will probably only do this for about six more posts after this one.
I want to give those of you have been following the WP blog an opportunity to make the transition by clicking on the RSS Feed button at the new site. This will allow you to have this blog delivered to your inbox whenever I post.

Click here to get to the new site. And then click the RSS Feed to have the new site available to your e-mail.

I thank you for your interest in what this servant has to offer the Body of Christ and pray that you will continue to grow in the knowledge, grace, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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