Where is the Power?

Eph 3:10 ESV – so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.

 Is the local church that you are a part of making known the manifold wisdom of God to the spiritual forces that control the populace?

Is your church content to just keep on keeping on with the way things have always been?

Maybe you are a part of the new movements away from traditional church–emergent, simple, contemporary, organic, or house church. You may be “doing” church differently, but are you having an effect on the powers of darkness?

Jesus said it and Paul said it–the powers of darkness are no match for the power of the church.

Where have we missed it? Where have we gone wrong? Where is the power of the church?

NOTE: This is the third in a weekly posting on the Epistle to the Ephesians. I am not the only one who is writing on this book. There are others who will be posting something on their blog each day of the week. We are each bringing something that the Lord gives us from chapter three of the epistle. You will be greatly blessed and encouraged, and your heart will be filled if you will take the time to read each day’s posting from one of the other saints involved in this collective effort. Put the following link in your “favorites” or on your link bar at the top of your browser: http://www.philter48.com/bbs/ and make it a point to visit everyday.

7 thoughts on “Where is the Power?

  1. we definitely should be making the enemy tremble and fire back at us..a wise old man once told me not to give trouble a second thought..it meant that i was going the right direction, and if i wake up and find nothing but comfort..beware….get facedown and back on track. I have always heeded that as a good word. love this! makes me re-evaluate how things are going. love ya man!


  2. The enemy is all around us just waiting for us to drop our guard.

    The power of Christ’s church is in all of us by as Brian said his Spirit. We must band together and stand firm in Christ against the enemy.

    Peace Brother.


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