Local bar serves up scripture with suds

The headline above was taken from a front-page newspaper story in our community. The following is quoted directly from the first two paragraphs of the article:

It was a pretty common sight — the Bible setting (sic) open on a counter, waiting for someone with a thirst for religious knowledge to graze its pages. What wasn’t common was the freshly-poured glass of beer nearby; the many glass bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages in the room. It was weekly Bible study night at a seemingly unlikely place — Janie’s Cafe, a bar in Shamokin.

“I believe if Jesus were walking on the face of the earth as you and I are today this is the type of place he’d come to,” said Jane Stanchick-Garancheski, owner of Janie’s. She added that a bar is a place where trouble is likely to brew, a place where His presence is needed.

What do you think? Should something like this be stopped?

Note: to read the entire article, click here.

10 thoughts on “Local bar serves up scripture with suds

  1. no. that is exactly where he would be.

    There is an outreach church near here, where the pastor has most of his following from finding and befriending people at the bar. Jesus did come for the sick..


  2. I’m with Darla. The idea made me smile really big. As she said, He didn’t come for the healthy, but the sick. And what He’s interested in is real hearts. He ate with tax collectors and sinners …


  3. My experiences as a musician, playing the local bars and playing praise music for services in a variety of churches, has given me a different perspective. My take: There are just as many “sick” folks in the pews and pulpits as there are in the bars. The problem: Religion is just as deceiving as alcohol, if not more so. I have felt the presence of the Lord in the church and in the bar. I have often found the folks at the bars to be more “real” to me. I believe that IF most churches were truly healthy places of help and healing, instead of religion, ritual, dogma and doctrine, they would not be able to contain the masses.


  4. My opinion is that by no means it should be stopped. By telling them they are doing it wrong is judging them and their motives.


  5. Man I haven’t had a beer in over 2 years… Now come to find out beer and the bible go together. Who Knew?

    I am with Brian getting the truth out is getting the truth out. Who am I to question motive.


  6. I also agree with John..man, there are some lost souls sitting in church, and believing that they will get there just doing the thing..very sad


  7. Well, back in the day, I’d have Bible studies with people who had been sexually abused as children and people who had sexually abused children.

    And victims of rape and rapists.

    What can I say? Sometimes, you just need a beer! 😉


  8. I don’t see a problem with it…not at all. It’s amazing for me to say that, considering my upbringing, but it truly is not a problem for me anymore.

    One of these days I might even try one. 😕



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