Sin in the Camp

Romans 14:23b  For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.

How big is that “whatever?” Seems to me that it includes anything without limitation–no exclusion. Any action, any thought, any deed, any spoken word, anything at all must come from faith or it falls into the category of sin. That’s heavy duty, and can become kind of scary.

However, the Lord is merciful and will not hold things against us for which we have no light. But, as light is given, we become accountable.

I am now accountable for something in which I failed significantly last night.

I was asked by an unbeliever whom I have known for a few decades how we were doing financially.

This particular person lives in fear, is very negative in his outlook, and despises most things about the government. He is promoting the need to find alternative means for living in the coming crisis, such as storing food, investing in precious metals, and living beneath the radar of the government’s watching eye.

Our income was cut in half last September, just after we moved to PA. We have managed okay, but it has been thin, and is getting thinner. The winter months are especially hard here with heating costs being what they are. Our meager savings are now gone. But, we are not destitute.

The Lord has been faithful to provide in various ways. I will occasionally get a call to go preach somewhere, and there is usually a monetary gift with that. Sometimes, someone will visit my website and make a donation through that. So, the reality is that the Lord watches over us.

But, that is not the reality I presented to the person on the phone last night. I painted the picture as gloomily as I possibly could without lying. I spoke the truth insofar as the natural phenomena are concerned.

I did not speak faith. Not once. Not once did I say the Lord is providing, or the Lord will make a way.

But, that is what He has been teaching me the last few months. He has been showing me that I am to speak faith, to call those things that are not as though they already were. (Romans 4:17)

Even though I am not yet at that level of faith, I could have at least spoken about the Lord’s provision and how He has provided and will continue to provide.

I was presented with a perfect opportunity to magnify the Lord when I was told to seek alternative means of income. I missed the opportunity.

In that place, I did not come from faith, so all my speech was sin. I missed it big time.

Will I recognize the opportunity the next time? Will I be bold for the Lord in a similar situation?

What about you? Have you ever had occasion to speak your faith and let it slide?

2 thoughts on “Sin in the Camp

  1. yes , i have failed at this a few times, and succeeded a few times. What i have found is, we repent, and then we brush off..and God is a GOD of do-overs, HE will present the chance again, and again until we get it..everyone stumbles, and HE is always faithful. love ya Dale


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