The Dead Can Hear

John 5:28-29  “Do not be amazed at this, because a time is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice…”

I know that the Lord is speaking about the end times here–more specifically, the resurrection.

But there is something else that I see that relates to our current hour.

There is another strong move of the Spirit happening around the globe, and it is exciting to see and be a part of.

There are many who are dead who are hearing the voice of the Lord.

There are those who are dead in their trespasses and sins who are hearing His voice calling them to life.

There are those who are dead because of the lack of life within their church community. They have not heard the voice of the Lord for a long time–have actually experienced the famine of Amos 8:11. But now His voice is calling to them to come out of their tomb.

Either condition equates with being “in the tombs.”

His voice is going out and many are hearing.

Thanks be to God who gives the hearing ear, I am one of those!!

5 thoughts on “The Dead Can Hear

  1. Great post. This is so true. I have to be connected to a church family or I dry up, “currently drying up from old age”.
    Seriously, we have finally found a church home in York, PA where Christ in you, is being proclaimed. It is so refreshing.
    Having a church family now will be an awesome experience. Hopefully, I’ll be flowing in the rivers of God and life will begin to mean something.
    Again, this was great. You, Dale, taught me about church family and it’s importance to our spiritual life.
    Thank You!


  2. Well, goody!! 🙂
    Glad you have found something.
    A new comment on my post, The Socialization of Loneliness has been added that also sheds some light here. It’s by Rich Earl.
    Check it out, Joyce


  3. a very encouraging word! The dead are hearing and being called into Life, and i think we could go even further that they are seeing as well, especially when we go through hard times, and allow Christ to be Glorified through us.

    Thanks Dale..was needing something this morning, and this is it! love you brother, hope to catch up with you some more today.


  4. Yes the dead can hear,
    when jesus visted the tomb of lazarious he called his name, lazarious walk up
    when Jesus met the womwn carrrying her dead son he sympathasised with her called his name and the boy gained life
    the bible says that on the last day God shall call the names of the rightiousness to his right hand and those on the left hand are the signers who disobeyed his good ways.
    Jesus resurrected many by calling to their names and would wake up indeed the dead can hear. May his name live for ever, his glory enduer us now and for ever Amen
    Asaph Ntanda


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