NOTE: the following poem is part of Gracie’s Storm Story.

This rain is falling so perfectly. It comes in gentle showers so it permits the ground to soak rather than just run off.

Rain softly falls
Earth opens her mouth to drink
Green returns to cover the brown
Leaves turn upward
Giving thanks
Blue skies
turn grey
brown grass
turns green
Wash the dust
from my feet
Fill the air
with fragrance sweet
As flowers lift
pretty faces fair
Insect, birds, return
their song
They fill the air
with praises strong
Glory to our God
who formed us from this sod
who gave us breath
and life sublime
a wondrous gift
to last all time

Hot sun:
leaves turn down
grass turns brown

Cool rain:
leaves lift up
grass greens up

Moving swiftly through the air
lifting faces fair
scurrying cross the wire
hiding from the sun’s fire
The birds, flowers, squirrels
and insects respond to sun and rain.

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