House Church

This video is about the house church movement. This is something that has been going on for decades, but is recently gaining in popularity.

One line that stands out is “people are leaving the traditional church to preserve their faith.”

Is this approach to meetings a scriptural one?

Should we challenge what we have known for all our lives?

Does traditional church minister to you?

NOTE: Be sure to watch the video on emerging church after this.

9 thoughts on “House Church

  1. I am thinking it all sounds good to me, I have almost joined something like this, yet i am fearful. Not sure why i am fearful of it.

    Traditional church does minister to me at times, but its hard to wade through the people who are wearing masks, and appear to have authority over what God is doing in a heart. That kind of stifling or grieving the spirit is very sad to me. I can’t find in the Bible where we are told to be any one denomination or conservative or liberal..I don’t think I fit in either. I just want to follow Jesus with all my heart, whatever that means, and wanting that meaning to come from God, not a commentary. If I leave it to commentaries, one can find one to back the thoughts they want to stand many variations.


  2. My experience with meetings in the home are that they are more personal. The groups become more close knit, share and care about one another genuinely. However, I see the possibility of cult movements rising out of this when a leader is a strong, charismatic individual and they stray from the Word of God. Just beware, that would be aware. I have not been a spectator always in the ‘traditional’ church but able to reach out to others, learn from the Word, be a participant, doer of the word not a hearer only. The responsibility rests with the individual.


  3. Darla, I would say that the fear is something that has been planted by those who would protect the system. I had the same experience when trying to leave Catholicism.
    We don’t want to “get it wrong” and somehow miss God. While that is a noble desire, it is still based in fear and not faith.
    Gracie, yes the responsibility lies with the individual. But, when there have been centuries of doing things a certain way, we become sort of programmed to that way. In that place, we do not necessarily think about what we are doing; we function our of habit, and the way the crowd goes. We must maintain our awareness against false teachings, and we must maintain our awareness to be led by the Spirit at all times.


  4. Christianity started in home groups. Jesus was born in a stable, not in a church building – in fact, his teachings were rejected by the those in the then-current church building.

    The Church has gathered together through the ages of time in buildings of grandeur and in small hidden groups. Large churches, through turmoils, have split into so many pieces that they split themselves out of existence and small home groups have grown from meetings of 5-10 people to into groups that require large cathedrals.

    I think this is the ebb and flow of Christianity in the world. When people desire a more intimate setting in which to worship, when they desire a more intimate relationship with each other then the small groups will form. Most large churches have cell or home groups where this need can be met. And even if there isn’t a plan for these groups, they generally happen anyway – through a gathering together of like-minded people for companionable fellowship.

    There is a scripture that says where two or three people are gathered together in His name, He is in their midst.

    Is there danger in small groups? There’s danger all around us.

    Is it scriptural? Of course. The Bible says to not “forsake the assembling together” – it didn’t say how many people had to assemble or where they had to assemble.

    I guess I don’t feel challenged by either the large church or the small home group. I’ve been ministered to by both – at various times in my life. They each have a purpose.


  5. Noella- “Christianity started in home groups..” Amen! that is what I have been thinking about for years….the church turned into a business..and I am not so sure how much is by faith.. not all of course, but some.


  6. We had a house church for a while. It only lasted for one year, but that was by design. It was the closest thing to the true body of Christ I’ve ever experienced.

    We would meet together on Saturday night for a potluck dinner and fellowship at 6pm. Then at 7 we’d have a short time of singing, then prayer requests and a Bible Study. It took us a year to get through Romans. We had about 20 who regularly attended. It was great ministering to one another’s needs. We had some HUGE needs within that small body and the Lord made it possible for us to help each other out.

    I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I knew the pure Word would be taught and the fellowship would be full of grace.


  7. Michelle,
    If the pattern of the NT is followed where everyone has an opportunity to give what they’ve received from the Holy spirit, then the pure word will be taught. It is not absolutely necessary that a group have a specified teacher. If something out of order, or not in line with scripture, the group will catch it. I’ve seen it too many times not to trust it.


  8. Okay, we’ll see how this works. – I’m the “Noella” in above posts. Can’t figure out how to go in and redo the post.


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