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What a beautiful day!

We were predicted to have snow and ice beginning about 4am. Didn’t start until after 7. But, WOW! did it start!

Coming down heavily and beautifully.

Snow is beautiful–but impractical. Unless, of course, you’re a kid off from school with a sled.

Everything is white and the silence is deafening. I love it. Always have.

The amazing thing is the difference between here in the Northeast and the Southwest. Where we lived in Missouri, we had to wait until the storm passed before any trucks came out with plows and/or salt. Here, however, the trucks begin within an hour of the first snowfall.

Now, here is the really wild thing about that. In MO I lived on a county highway that was a major thoroughfare. Here, I live at the end of a lane. The truck has to make a turn around in front of my house to go back up the street. In MO it was no problem.

In Missouri, schools shut down with the threat of snow. Here, it is business as usual–unless a blizzard comes in.

I know that it takes money to run the trucks, and provide the cinder and salt. Here in PA we are taxed for everything, and that helps provide the necessary funds.

Right now, it is coming down as a three-fold mix: snow, sleet, and rain–all at the same time. I guess the clouds are at different levels, but all full and in need of emptying.

We made our mandatory trip to the store–just to see if we could make it 🙂 It was tough getting back up the hill, but we made it safely.

Now, we are in for the day, and Gracie is busy in the kitchen putting together the Christmas gifts of mix that I just made.

This is a good day.