Blogged Bible Study–John 17

The Lord’s Prayer

In John 17 we have recorded for us the words Jesus used when He prayed the night before He died. While the “Our Father” is popularly called The Lord’s Prayer, it is in reality, a model prayer that Jesus gave in response to the disciples’ question about prayer. John 17 would be more appropriately titled “The Lord’s Prayer.”

This chapter is ordinarily divided into three sections: Jesus’ prayer for Himself (1-5); His prayer for His disciples (6-19); and His prayer for all believers (20-26). I find it instructive to look at the specific requests Jesus made to the Father from the entire chapter.

Glorify your son (1); keep them in your name (11); Keep them from the evil one (15); Sanctify them (17). Everything else is what He wanted as a result of His prayer–unity, joy, sanctification, and love. Unity, of course, is the one most often mentioned in this passage.

Let’s look at the four things Jesus requested.

Jesus prayed for the ‘big picture’ first, and then asked for each of the necessary details in succession of need. In other words, if taken from the last to the first, there is a progression that reveals the unity of the requests.

Sanctify them. Make them separate from the world; different from all others; holy.

In order for that to happen, they must be kept from the evil one. Most texts have ‘one‘ in italics, showing that it is not in the original manuscripts. Therefore, it would read, ‘Keep them from evil.’ Becoming holy is keeping, or being kept from association with evil.

Since I cannot do this in my own strength, I must be kept by the power of God, or, kept in His name.

If I am sanctified by an outward agency, and therefore kept from evil and hidden in His name, then I will glorify the Son.

Don’t we all want to be in the place where we glorify God?

Glory is the magnificence, the splendor, fame, honor, or renown of something. One of its major meanings is ‘reflection.’

This is the time of year when we begin to receive a multitude of catalogs showing us all the things we didn’t know we needed. Those things are presented in a glorious fashion. They are reflected to us in full color on glossy, shiny paper.

We are God’s catalog to the world. The world should be looking at the catalog and thinking, “I really need that!”

Another contributor to this study has pointed out how the world is getting a wrong concept of God, not from us, but from the world and its systems. Shouldn’t the world be getting its concept from us?

If we are the answer to The Lord’s Prayer–if we are God’s catalog of what it looks like to be loved, accepted, unified, and glorified–then what is my part? I am one of the pictures on the page of my neighbor’s catalog of God’s supply.

Do they want to buy?

NOTE: Other writers also contribute to this study on a daily basis. Add this link to your favorites and go there often.

7 thoughts on “Blogged Bible Study–John 17

  1. Thanks Dale, There is so much in this prayer. Knowing that none of it can be done without the power of God is a great place to start. Being convicted of things through out the prayer, as what I need to pray for, and to remember that it all comes from HIS hand. Too often our prayers are prayers seeking HIS hand, and not HIS face (to know HIM), that is probably the most powerful part of this prayer to me. If I don’t know HIM, how will the rest fall in place…Unity, sanctification, love, protection from the evil one….
    Good thoughts to send me on my way this morning..have a blessed day!


  2. I like your catalogue analogy.

    To be sanctified by Him and then in the continual process through Him and His Word…yet, it won’t end ’til heaven. I long for that perfection/completion, to walk in perfect holiness. I know it will come when I stand before Him and see Him clearly. ‘Til then I press on toward the goal of the upward calling in Christ Jesus.

    Thanks, Dale. 😉


  3. I like your catalogue analogy too! This chapter has me studying glory …. I’m excited for what I’ll find. 🙂 And I think you’re definitely on the right track. 🙂


  4. Thanks, girls.
    The inspiration for the catalog analogy came from something Gracie was reading to me last week from Our Daily Bread.
    There’s nothing new under the sun–or in this head of mine, at least. 🙂


  5. We are to radiate His light as it shines on us.

    Dale you have hit on one of the fundemental issues with the church today. Not many are willing to shine God’s light and attract others to Him.

    Father God, Help me and all who believe in your son. Radiate your light. In Jesus’ name.


  6. I’ve been missing you playing acroynms 😦 I only have windows lately to be on..but I have been thinking of you, and praying for my study partners.. Peace, love ya brother


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