No Debt

Ro 6:23
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. KJV

There have been times when certain people have not paid me what they owed for the work I did for them. Many have had that type of experience.

But, SIN never skips a payment!!

When you work for sin, you get paid. Death in all its forms is your wage. That is your paycheck. That is the amount you agreed for.

When we sin (miss the mark) we can be sure that there is a payday someday. The death spoken of here is not only spiritual death of hell–separation from God. It is also physical death.

But, physical death occurs long before the spirit leaves the body and you breathe your last. Sickness is a part of death. Disease is a part of death. Poverty is a part of death. Confusion is a part of death. Dysfunctionality in any form is a part of death.

Any or all of these or similar things is a part of death and dying. They are the wages that we agree to earn when we sin.

Would you like to skip that payday? Would you like to hear that sin forgot to make a payment into your account?

It’s possible.

The paymaster is standing before you today, holding out two different pay envelopes. One is marked “Yours” and the other is marked “His.”

You can take what you have earned. Or, you can take what He has given.

Inside the envelope marked “His,” you will find a paystub marked ‘death paid.’ He has taken the wages of sin and, sin has been satisfied.

It is up to you which envelope you will choose. “His” is a gift. “Yours” is a debt from which you will not be released.

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